How to have your evening dresses altered

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How to have your evening dresses altered

Post by jennyp2541 on Fri Feb 19, 2010 8:11 pm

So youíve found the perfect prom dress, but it just doesnít fit quite right. Donít despair Ė itís rather uncommon to find a dress that will fit you perfectly right off the bat without requiring any alternations. However, in order to look your best on prom night, youíll need to make sure the modest Elegant Evening Dresses fit you just right.
What Exactly is the Perfect Fit?
Very few women will fit perfectly into a specific size without a few alterations to the dress. While you and your best friend may each wear a sexy dress, you may find that the same sexy Maternity Evening Dresses will look completely different on each of you. Follow these tips for determining if a prom dress will fit perfectly after alteration:
A Size Larger Ė Itís much easier to take fabric out of a dress than to add it in to a finished garment. If you find that you fall in between two sizes, itís a lot easier to purchase the Plus Size Evening Dresses and have it taken in to suit your unique proportions.
Length Ė If youíre shorter than 5í 9Ē, youíll probably need to wear the Short Evening Dresses hemmed. A word of advice Ė make sure you wear the shoes youíll be wearing on prom night so that your dress isnít hemmed too short. If youíre measured in your bare feet, the seamstress wonít be able to accurately alter your dress, leaving you to either trip on a too-long hemline or tug on a too Long Evening Dresses all night.
Fabric Ė Some fabrics are much easier to alter than others. Taffeta and silk can be difficult to work with, so keep this in mind if you choose a dress that needs alterations.


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