A Guide to Finding Black Bridesmaid Dresses

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A Guide to Finding Black Bridesmaid Dresses

Post by sygee1236 on Mon Jan 04, 2010 8:16 pm

There was a time when choosing black for your bridal party would have seriously limited your choices, and earned you more than a few raised eyebrows in the process. Today Black Bridesmaid Dresses are chic, sophisticated, and very much a color for traditional weddings. But Blue Bridesmaid Dresses are not that popular. Add in the slenderizing effect of black and youíve chosen a color sure to be loved by all.
When choosing bridesmaid dresses, color is only half the battle. Choosing a dress which will look stunning on all shapes and sizes proves much more difficult. It is my humble opinion that unless all your bridesmaids are over 5′5″ and under a size 10 it is best to stick with Zippered Back Bridesmaid Dresses. They are flattering to all shapes and sizes and with various lengths and hem options there is plenty to choose from. Another option would be to allow each maid to choose a black dress in varying styles according to figure. This year, the pleated series are hot, choose some Pleated Bridesmaid Dresses or ruched Bridesmaid Dresses will flatter every one with no problem.
It is very easy to pick up the latest bridal magazine and imagine all your maids wearing that gorgeous designer gown straight off the runway. Unless your maids are roommates from boarding school abroad, I would caution against such fantasy. The reality is, the economy is tough and being a bridesmaid should not impose financial hardship. Speak with the friends and family you have chosen to stand for you on this happy day and set a budget all can live with. If you canít get the fantasy out of your head take the picture to a dressmaker and s


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