How to Choose Wedding Gowns For Small Busted Brides

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How to Choose Wedding Gowns For Small Busted Brides

Post by mcginn118 on Sat Feb 06, 2010 12:21 am

On your wedding day, you want to look beautiful, sophisticated, elegant, and maybe even more mature than usual. One of the keys to this is finding the perfect gown, but that can feel like a challenge when your bust size is on the small side. Fear not - with this guide to the best wedding gowns for small busted brides, you will soon have the perfect bridal gown in hand!
Many women with smaller busts want their wedding gowns to make them look better endowed and to balance out their bottom half. Then there are those brides who are content with their shape just the way it is, and are simply seeking the wedding dress that will be the most flattering to their less-than-curvaceous physique. Happily, there are gowns that are ideal for either style, if you know what features to look for.
When you are trying to enhance your bust line, the first tip is to think about the necklines of the bridal gowns that may be flattering. Remember that when your goal is to add curves, rounded shapes will be the most effective. Any type of sweetheart wedding dresses will look great, whether it is on a strapless gown or one with straps. A square neckline, on the other hand, will tend to flatten things out, so they are best avoided.
Strapless wedding dresses remain the most popular style of wedding gown, and they can work beautifully for women of all shapes and sizes. There is a common misconception that a small bust will not be sufficient to “hold up” a strapless wedding gown, but this is not the case. A properly made strapless gown is supported by boning that starts at the waist, so the size on top does not matter. The only thing to watch out for is that when you raise your arms, you do not pop out of the top of the gown!
Keep in mind that embellishments are great when you want to add the illusion of more curves in your bodice. Seek out bridal gowns with details such as tiers of organza ruffles at the neckline; it will be hard to tell where the gown ends and the woman begins. Ruched wedding dresses are a great way to add volume, as are pleats. A beaded lace empire waist wedding dresses is another flattering shape for small busted brides. The heavy lace will add volume, and the beading is so fun to tie in with your bridal jewelry. Do not feel limited to only trying on gowns with embellishments, though, because you can often customize a wedding dress. For instance, gentle gathering can be created by pinning a plain bodice with a crystal brooch, which is a gorgeous accent to your bridal jewelry set.
If you are not trying to chance the look of what nature provided, have fun with some of the gowns that only a small busted bride can carry off. Light and airy chiffon halter wedding dresses, slinky silk wedding dresses, even dresses which have daringly low necklines; these are all options that only a bride who does not need a lot of support on top can wear, so take advantage. These gowns are ideal for sophisticated weddings as well as destination weddings.
Being small busted does not mean that you will not be able to find the perfect bridal gown. Once you know which styles to seek and which to avoid, you will be well on your way to finding that one dream wedding dress.


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