Know yourself and Plan Your Colors

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Know yourself and Plan Your Colors

Post by jocelyn210 on Sun Jan 31, 2010 7:53 pm

Know what dress colors highlight your eyes, hair and skin tone, and what style lines are most flattering for your body type. The best way to hide flaws is to highlight your good points. So be sure you know what your good points are! (Too many of us are insecure about that!)
An A-line prom dresses with a bit of flare is flattering on nearly everyone. Be cautious about white prom dresses or very light-colored prom dresses, especially if the fabric has a lot of shine. They reflect light and can make you seem larger, not what most of us want on prom night. Black prom dresses tend to have a slimming effect, but on the other hand you want a shade with enough life to flatter your own coloring.
if youíre drawn to halter prom dresses with a revealing or very tight cut, remember thereís a difference between looking sexy and looking cheap. The line doesnít fall in the same place for everyone, but know where it is for you and donít cross it.
Plan your prom colors with your date; it always looks attractive when a couple in formal attire plan their outfits to co-ordinate with each other. Even if you keep your dress a secret until prom night, tell him enough that he will be able to accent his tuxedo with your color if heís not wearing totally formal black and white. It can be a nice touch if his tie or pocket square picks up the color of your gown. Check out the tuxedo vests, ties and more at, available in dozens of colors. Dessy is famous for bridesmaid and formal prom dresses, and their menís accessories would be perfect at prom too. (They need to be special ordered so plan ahead and allow lots of time.)


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