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Prom Dress Size

Post by flyshay123 on Fri Jan 29, 2010 8:24 pm

You can look elegant at any size if the design has the right proportions to flatter your figure and you get a good fit. You want a fit that skims the body but doesnít cling, with enough ease to move comfortably and gracefully. Formal prom dresses sizing is often different from cheap prom dresses so ignore what size is on the tag and judge the dress by how it fits.
If your size or shape is not easy to find on the ready-to-wear racks, look into special ordering through your local bridal / formal shop. Many styles from top designers can be ordered in a wide range of sizes both large or small. Special orders need lots of lead time, so if you think this might be your best option youíll need to start your prom shopping earlier than your friends will.
Be realistic about size. Media emphasis on being thin can make perfectly normal gals feel insecure about their size. Donít fall for that - have the confidence to celebrate yourself the way God made you! (Marilyn Monroe wore size 16.) Buy your prom dress to fit and flatter as you are now; donít buy a smaller size planning to lose weight by prom night. If you buy plus size prom dresses itís usually no problem to have the seams taken in an inch or two. But if you buy too small it can be difficult or even impossible to alter the dress to fit. Thereís not much thatís attractive (or comfortable) about squeezing into a too-tight corset prom dresses. A good foundation garment can help, but the most important thing is being realistic about size in the first place.
If youíre shopping online or through a catalog (for prom dresses or any other apparel), accurate measurements are critical. Donít just assume you know what size you need; get measured by an expert then obey the tape measure.
IMPORTANT: If you get your dress altered, be sure to wear the same shoes and undergarments to your fitting as youíll wear on prom night. They can make a major difference to how your dress fits. Also, if you think you might need alterations, avoid beaded prom dresses, as this can be more expensive to alter.
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