How to Match up Bridesmaid Dress

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How to Match up Bridesmaid Dress

Post by fiona2015 on Thu Apr 24, 2014 12:08 am

At a wedding, the audience's focus is undoubtedly a beautiful bride, but it is not allowed to bring the role of bridesmaid underestimated. Ingenious bridesmaid dress collocation can not only enhance the bride temperament, but also easier to create a wedding atmosphere. Choose bridesmaid dresses 2013 should set off hairstyles and the background of the wedding scene. We have to share with you wearing a bridesmaid cheap graduation dresses with small tips: To unify the different models of the same color; different colors to the same paragraph; exactly alike is the best.

1. Important the color of bridesmaid dress
In addition to the black and red bridesmaid dresses are taboo color, bridesmaid dresses have a large choice, but it is best to choose the color according to the wedding theme color. For example, lavender is now a very popular theme wedding, choose a light purple bridesmaid dresses 2012 on seductive and noble; while the white and green theme wedding, if there is a group dressed in light green bridesmaid dress is very attractive; on the blue theme wedding, a group of pale blue bridesmaid dress is better to plus visual effects for wedding.Overall, the color of bridesmaid dresses is best to same color of wedding theme color, you can skip lighter. If there is no wedding theme color, then the champagne is first choice for bridesmaid, it is definitely not wrong color. Contraindicate Rose, flash gold and other bright colors, because it will not only destroy the elegant, romantic atmosphere, but also easy to grab the bride's spotlight.

2. Essential about against the background of bridesmaids
The number of bridesmaids should be more not less, less bridesmaids make bride to prone to feel alone. Create a visual harmony bridesmaid team, junior bridesmaid dresses are best able to unify, or prone to chaotic feeling.Oh, give you a few principles: Different bridesmaid dress style is best to use the same fabric and color uniform; color can not same, the best uniform in style; or, simply let the bridesmaids wear the same bridesmaid dress.

3. Easy to run errands, pithy and lively
A bridesmaid dress generally has two features: short, simple. Length of bridesmaid dress knee in a short paragraph is about the most appropriate bridesmaid dress, the gold length of bridesmaid dress can guarantee bridesmaid have convenient action, does not affect the legwork, and secondly, can also make bridesmaids look young and lively, dignified and distinguished noble bride.In addition, the bridesmaids should try to install a low-key and dignified, not too exposed; the fabric can be based on satin, chiffon, gauze material.We remind you that due to the bridesmaid dress style are relatively simple, so you want beautiful, you need to make an effort in the details of the bridesmaid dress.


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Re: How to Match up Bridesmaid Dress

Post by ronniesingh on Thu Apr 24, 2014 11:12 pm

Bridesmaid are so important in wedding as they provide special effect to bride and bridesmaid dress should match with bride and somewhat with wedding theme used. If bride wears vintage color then bridesmaid should select there wedding dress according to wedding theme.



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